About Us

We are Mobius, a home for people creating Liberatory Technology products, systems, and narratives.

Our mission is to activate and support a tech ecosystem focused on healing and liberation.

We prioritize Black, Brown, Indigenous, queer people, youth, and others who are marginalized by the dominant tech sector.

The Mobius Ecosystem

We weave together a supportive ecosystem of people creating a liberatory future with technology. Trust is at the center of all we do.

Liberatory Tech Fellows

A small and growing group of entrepreneurs, technologists, scholars, and artists furthering concrete Liberatory Technology products, frameworks, and narratives.

Mobius Community

A supportive community of people who are building and enabling Liberatory Technology, including regenerative investors, scholars, storytellers and non-fellow technologists, entrepreneurs, and artists.

Mobius Core Team

Stewards the community, runs the programs, and gathers the resources.

Advisors & Wisdom Council

Scientists, healers, spiritual teachers, artists, futurists, youth, and more advising, collaborating with, and supporting the wellbeing of the community.

Core Team

Dr. Sará King
Dr. Sará King
Co-Director, Science and Healing
Neuroscientist, medical anthropologist, political scientist, and certified mindfulness/yoga instructor trained at UCLA and OHSU. Renowned speaker and lecturer. MindHeart Founder & CEO.
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Aden Van Noppen
Aden Van Noppen
Co-Director, Relationship Weaver
Entrepreneur, community-weaver, and strategist, leading bold efforts at the intersectionof tech, justice, spirituality, and ethics in the Obama White House, Harvard Divinity School, and start-ups. 
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Van Noppen
Davion Ziere
Davion Ziere
Co-Director, Systems Architect
Liberatory systems architect, artist, serial tech impact entrepreneur, world-bridger, speaker and writer. Founder: origyn.eco; Former #1 Sales & Training at Tesla. Board: Emory QTM.
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Our Advisors, Partners & Funders

Dr. Angel Acosta
Healing-Centered Educator, Acosta Institute
Dr. Dan Siegel
Neurobiologist, Mindsight Institute
Eric Ferrer-Vaughan
Principal Technologist, Project Inkblot
Krista Tippett
Founder and Editor-in-Chief, On Being
Roger Rosner
Investor and Technologist
Vlada Bortnik
Founder and CEO, Marco Polo