Core Team

Dr. Sará King

Dr. Sará King

Co-Director, Science and Healing

Dr. Sará King is a neuroscientist, political and learning scientist, education philosopher, social-entrepreneur, public speaker, and certified yoga and mindfulness meditation instructor. She specializes in the study of the relationship between mindfulness, art, complementary alternative medicine, community health and social justice. Her U.C.L.A. dissertation was the first in history to explore the relationship between yoga, mindfulness, and social justice as a healing, anti-oppressive practice among youth of color.

She is currently an NIH post-doctoral fellow in Neurology at OHSU (Oregon Health Science University) in the Oregon Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine in Neurological Disorders, a Garrison Institute Fellow and Society for Neuroscience Associate, and a member of Google’s well-being think tank “Vitality Lab”. In addition to being the Director of Science and Healing for Mobius, where she takes great pride in how she incorporates the Science of Social Justice and over 17 years of training and certification in mindfulness, yoga, and other contemplative practices into her work guiding the foundation of Mobius' healing framework, Dr. King is also the Director of Science and Community Engagement for the The Embodied Social Justice Certificate Program.

She is also the founder of MindHeart Consulting, a scientific consulting firm through which she offers up “The Science of Social Justice” framework and the “Systems Based Awareness Map” (SBAM) which she created to explore our capacity to heal intergenerational trauma and promote the well-being of "collective nervous systems". She is currently partnered with the Museum of Modern Art in N.Y. to bring her applied neuroscience research on the (SBAM) to the world as a part of their “Artful Practice For Well-Being” Initiative in April of 2022 - in the event titled "Art and Awareness as a Catalyst for Healing".

Van Noppen
Aden Van Noppen

Aden Van Noppen

Co-Director, Relationship Weaver

Aden is an entrepreneur, community-weaver, strategist, and optimist who spent the last decade enabling more compassionate and just technology from within start-up, government, and academic settings. She founded Mobius in 2018 after a year as a Resident Fellow at Harvard Divinity School focusing on the intersection of tech, ethics, spirituality and justice. Prior to that, she was a Senior Advisor in the Obama Administration's White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, where she developed and led programs that use tech as a tool to address inequality. She is also a former Affiliate at Harvard’s Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society and on Data & Society’s Healthy Tech Advisory Board.

Before focusing on tech, Aden worked in social enterprise and impact investing, first at the social venture capital fund, Acumen, in both New York and Nairobi, and then at an affordable housing start-up in Delhi, India. She was also part of the founding leadership team of The Sanctuaries, a racially and religiously diverse spiritual community, rooted in the arts and social justice. Her work has been featured in the New Yorker, New York Times, Wired and elsewhere.

Davion Ziere

Davion Ziere

Co-Director, Systems Architect

Born in the Chumash lands of Santa Barbara, CA and raised a global citizen between Oakland, CA, Atlanta, GA, Jackson, MS, South Africa and more, Davion “Zi” Ziere is a person focused on being present and practicing holistic embodiment of the world we wish to live in.

Zi is the oldest of 9 kids and was raised by a decentralized village family of many cultures as he grew up between multiple households and ideologies of his parents and grandparents. Having to find a sense of stability amidst all the motion, Zi developed a very strong connection to the unseen by the age of 10. His travels and early revelations around energy and the possibility of a truly loving world would motivate him to dedicate his life to service and seeking how we might cultivate our reality in a way that encourages us to truly live while alive, as opposed to just existing and feeling constantly oppressed.

At the age of 12, Zi underwent a unique Rites of Passage ceremony tailored to his living in the U.S.A. by his family as a step into manhood.

Motivated by the love of community elders in his family, by age 13, he wrote a program for the National Children’s Defense Fund to empower youth in inner cities to be able to realize our full potential together and begin living a life in alignment with our passions. These ideas got the attention of the State and Federal Congress, and Zi would go on to page for the U.S. House of Representatives. From here, the American Legion selected Zi as an honorable member of California Golden Boys’ State, where many bright talents and future Presidents often begin learning more on leadership and practicing it in real time with peers and federal + state officials.

Wanting to deepen his ability to impact, Zi began studies of International Relations at Stanford University at 14 and would become a full-time student at Emory University by 16, graduating with degrees from Goizueta Bus. School and Emory College. While in school, he would deepen his own love for music, self-producing and releasing his first album in his dorm room which landed him major record deal offers, as well as found numerous initiatives still seeking to help us align people with pathways that truly enable us to be who we are and do what we love in life. His impact on campus would range from Emory dedicating more space for Black and Brown bodies and adjusting University Center architectural plans to spawning music + arts movements and an entire residence hall being dedicated to Creativity & Innovation for future students.

Upon completing college, Zi went on to become a bartender, as well as the #1 North American Sales Advisor for TESLA, being invited to develop Training at TESLA and receiving congratulations from Elon Musk himself at just the age of 21. Once he left, he would go on to write Rites of Passage programs for middle schoolers of Atlanta Public Schools, be recognized by the Mayor of Atlanta and the State of GA for producing substantial economic development for traditionally marginalized communities, successfully generate millions of dollars in revenue for his startups (Culturebase and Origyn), as well as turn down millions of dollars from investors who were not aligned with his organization’s values.

In his young life, he has had many and failures and successes, all of which have only furthered his heart’s passion to design paths and bridges for liberation of person and spirit in our world.

Today, he is a liberatory systems architect, artist and composer working with many GRAMMY-winning and nominated talents, world-bridger and serial tech impact entrepreneur recognized by Google, cultivating visions and systems that value and respect all forms of life.

He has successfully empowered organizations, artists, students, and many more to be their best self not only by traditional metrics of success, but also in alignment with their values. He loves his family, community, travel and exploring all that we don’t know.