Creating a more compassionate, accountable, and just tech ecosystem.

Mobius is a home for people creating a technology ecosystem that fosters liberation and thriving.

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These times call for unprecedented transformation—from systems that perpetuate oppression and extraction, to systems that are rooted in love, justice, and spirit. This transformation depends on a new, liberatory paradigm for technology.

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Instead of perpetuating racial harm, technology enables co-liberation and repair.

Instead of fueling a mental health crisis, technology supports the thriving of youth and future generations.

Instead of driving polarization, dehumanization, and violence, technology heals and returns us to our wholeness.

Instead of widening income inequality, technology enables equitable access to life-affirming resources.

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Liberatory Technology (n): Technology that enables all people and communities to embody and obtain freedom, thriving, and greater access to our aliveness.

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Mobius enables Liberatory Technology through building community and supporting new narratives.

We are creating a fellowship program that will provide the relational, intellectual, spiritual, and financial resources to unlock bold, paradigm-shifting projects that foster liberation and thriving for all.

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Mobius’ refounding moment — why and how we transitioned from Mobius 1.0 to 2.0

Mobius recently went through a major transformation. This has been one of the most meaningful transformations of my life that is connecting me to what it is like to live in alignment with my longings...

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Living Agreements: Creating the Conditions for our Co-Liberation

As a multiracial team holding different lived experiences and intersectional identities, we began our retreat with a focus on “how we be” together in order to foster trust among one another, prevent harm to one another, and establish our Living Agreements.

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“Moral imagination is the humility to see the world as it is and the audacity to imagine it as it could be.”

— Jacqueline Novogratz