Placing the well-being of humanity at the center of technology.

We empower tech leaders to shape technology for the well-being of humanity.


the challenge

Digital technology is increasingly the portal through which we live, learn and love. It has profound impacts on our individual and collective well-being at all levels. Yet it too often preys on the most vulnerable parts of human nature.

The Opportunity

We are at a tipping point moment with unprecedented motivation and courage to create technology that brings out the best in humanity.


Our Solution

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We identify compassionate and brave tech leaders dedicated to shaping technology in service of our shared humanity.


We connect them to an action-oriented and nurturing community of their peers.


We transform their work through access to each other and the world’s leading experts on well-being.

Our Services

Advising Tech Product & Strategy

The Mobius Council


The world’s leading experts on well-being advise tech leaders and their teams on strategy and product design with the goals of enhancing our individual and collective well-being.


Facilitate unique meeting environments, workshops and retreats that draw on contemplative practices to bring forth a team’s innate wisdom, creativity and collaboration.


Provide connections to experts for speaking engagements and skills-building workshops to encourage company-wide awareness and behavior change.


Cross-industry Leadership Community & Action

The Mobius Collective

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Action-oriented, intimate communities of courageous tech leaders carry out bold, cross-company collaborations such as using tech to increase compassion or combat loneliness.


Retreats and gatherings deepen connections between mission-driven tech leaders and create the space for them to imagine and begin to manifest bold, new strategies that put the well-being of humanity at the center.

Who We Are


We bring together the world’s leading experts on well-being and the world’s top tech leadership to create technology that brings out the best in humanity.


The Mobius Council of Experts

Our experts range from leading neuroscientists studying the psychology of compassion and empathy to world-renowned spiritual leaders.

Select Mobius Council members include:


C-Suite Tech Leadership

We work together with the most influential leaders in Silicon Valley who are dedicated to enhancing our individual and collective well-being. Many of them control multibillion-dollar portfolios, manage tens of thousands of employees, and have the power to shift the largest consumer tech companies. They are directly shaping technologies that affect billions of people globally.


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